New Classes

Thursday, April 7 - 12pm & 7:15pm
Friday, April 8 - 12pm & 6pm
Saturday, April 9 - 1pm


with Gus Bembery


Mondays we are starting music series on learning Capoeira  instruments. Even if you don't play Capoeira and want to learn about music and learn how to play Berimbeau, Banderou( Tambourin) and drums. It is a great fun new hobby to learn.
The first series is 4 week with Mestre and Musician Ary Lima.

Oct 11th-16th 2022

San Miguel De Allende, MEXICO

To stay curios and always exploring, experiencing new things, moments and challenges it is what truly inspires us and keeps us alive.. I am excited to be announcing our next retreat!!! I know we will all need a fall boost together. It is shorter but just enough time to give us great inspiration. We are exploring San Miguel De Allende in Mexico!! A completely different side of Mexico, where we will merge into history and culture.

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Sept 9th to 11th, 2022

12hour YIN YOGA course

Discover the deep nourishing power of Yin Yoga.
This 3-moduled course is designed to provide a foundation for teaching Yin Yoga skillfully, from the heart with compassion and awareness. Also the course is for those who want to deepen their own practice and their knowledge without wanting to teach yoga.

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