New Classes

Thursday, April 7 - 12pm & 7:15pm
Friday, April 8 - 12pm & 6pm
Saturday, April 9 - 1pm


with Gus Bembery


Mondays we are starting music series on learning Capoeira  instruments. Even if you don't play Capoeira and want to learn about music and learn how to play Berimbeau, Banderou( Tambourin) and drums. It is a great fun new hobby to learn.
The first series is 4 week with Mestre and Musician Ary Lima.

January 20th - 23rd, 2022

BUttermilk Falls

I am so excited for our upcoming New Year Inspiration Boost!!! A sweaty weekend to help us stay fit and healthy, after the holidays and to help jump start our year. The focus of this weekend January 20th-23rd   (which is Thursday to Sunday ) is to get out of the city have a fun and intense, total fitness experience to get you ready for 2022.

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May 9th - May 14th, 2022


Constantly Evolving Inner Series adventure retreat on May 9th -May 14th, 2022!!  We are once again planning a rare and the spectacular experience.
This time traveling to The Iguazu falls in Argentina. It is special moment and I feel lucky to be part of this incredible opportunity!

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