The Inner Series Method requires a commitment from your mind and body and evolves through a full circle of fitness and well being.
The method reinforces inner calmness, control, power and precision to improve strength,flexibility and increases range of motion while keeping a constant flow for either Inner Strength, Inner Warrior and Inner Power Flow.

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Inner Power Flow

This class will challenge you focusing on core flexibility and breath.

Inner Warrior

Find the Warrior within through strength in knowledge of body and mind

Inner Strength

Get to know your Inner strength and body awareness!


Based on the Brazilian martial form of Capoeira, a group fitness format that is open for all levels.

BODY Conditioning

A nonstop full body workout, that will energize, strengthen, tone and condition your body with or without weights.


Feels like a late night out in the club! Enjoy an intense cardio workout with our cycling class.

7 days of joy, adventure, training, eating the most delicious meals, overlooking the magnificent views!

August 21st - 28th, 2021.

I am so excited to be able to announce a retreat this summer!! Villa Masseria d'Estia is ideally located for those who love both lazing on sandy beaches and exploring fascinating, historic towns.
The beaches in the area have received several consecutive "Bandiere Blu", attesting to the cleanliness of the water and their general ecological excellence. More Info

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