The Inner Series Method requires a commitment from your mind and body and evolves through a full circle of fitness and well being.

The method reinforces inner calmness, control, power and precision to improve strength, flexibility and increases range of motion while keeping a constant flow for either Inner Strength, Inner Warrior and Inner Power Flow.


Inner strength

Get to know your Inner strength and body awareness!
Inner Strength teaches the user with basic exercises influenced by dance/core movements, Pilates and yoga.  The focus of the class is to show that in a calm constant flow, while at the same time keeping the heart rate up, a person can become stronger, leaner, create body control, enhance endurance and build awareness.
The first segment of this class is standing balance and core strengthening exercises that help raise the heart rate.  The second segment is floor-based techniques utilizing only the individual’s bodyweight to build control, flexibility, stamina, and inner strength. The final segment is focused towards flexibility, relaxation, and meditation that evolve a full workout for the mind and body, and for your ultimate strength—your inner strength



Cardio Fitness Capoeira is a class based on the Brazilian martial form of Capoeira brought to you in a group fitness format that is open for all levels.
As a form of exercise, Cardio Fitness Capoeira engages all muscles groups, helps develop flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, and offers significant toning and cardiovascular benefits. By blending martial art techniques, dance and music from Capoeira you get a fun, exciting and innovative work out.
Cardio Fitness Capoeira includes both a step-by-step breakdown of many classic capoeira moves and a full set of non-stop high-energy workout sequences. The workout sections progress from isolated movements with transitional steps, to graceful dance-like martial combinations.



Spin bike, trainers or any stationary bike can be used.
Feels like a late night out in the club!
Enjoy an intense cardio workout with our cycling class. We use music and rhythm in a safe way to strengthen and build your endurance.  
Go through an intense journey for both mind, body leaving you feeling high energy happy and ready to take over the world!


Body Conditioning

A nonstop full body workout, that will energize, strengthen, tone and condition your body with or without weights. A great compliment to Yoga, cardio or dance.


Inner Power Flow

Using elements from Various Yoga traditions this class will challenge you focusing on core flexibility and breath.
Each movement linked with breath to work your entire body, refresh your mind, and soothe your soul.


Inner Warrior

Find the Warrior within through strength in knowledge of body and mind.
 Inner Warrior is a practice that requires a commitment from your mind and body.
It is a fusion of styles inspired from multiple martial art forms and yoga practices, all of which are brought to you in a pure fitness format.
The Inner Warrior practice evolves through a full circle of fitness using the mind and body. The class reinforces inner calmness, control, power and precision to improve strength and range of motion while keeping a constant flow. The various styles practiced include Hapkido, Kung Fu, Capoeira, and different yoga techniques. The class is open to all levels and is perfect for anyone searching for a rewarding and fulfilling challenge.


Uppercut house

Uppercut house is a group fitness class that combines Muay Thai/conditioning/sandbag strength training techniques.
This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Builds stamina, strength, improve coordination, flexibility, and you’ll become a better fighter.

ballet barre

Ballet Barre

An all levels ballet barre class that focuses on proper alignment and technique. We will learn how to move the body within our own abilities safely and with knowledge. Finding musicality and grace powered by strength and our individual fire!
We will move in a way that not only feels good but strengthens our whole body and mind. Ultimately we are here to have fun!