Courage is to Constantly Evolve..

Inner Power Flow Vinyasa
200 HR Yoga Teacher Training - fall

January 2021 - March 2021

Courage is to Constantly Evolve…
I am changing dates and making TT a bit more condensed to be able to help making this more accessible for some you. We will practice 5 full weekends together and have it more spaced out so you have time to digest training and also keep up with you "normal" life and commitments.

Virtual access:
Yes this training can be done virtually but if you are planning to teach it is important to come in physically some weekends. I know there are so many online courses right now being offered but yoga is a physical practice and to really learn about bodies and YOUR body it is important to see and feel the energy of other human beings. A yoga teacher training is a life experience and should be committed to as such. As this will be a very exclusive group it will be intense, special and hands on. Most importantly super fun.

General information:
With so many teacher training opportunities out there, it is so important to find one you feel will make you grow, learn, and be confident to either start teaching or gain more knowledge about yourself and your body. Most importantly, the training will teach YOU how to connect with your mind, your movement, and your life.

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training (TT) is a powerful and fun experience that will give you a strong foundation to start your path for teaching Yoga. This will be an intense and intimate time, as this TT will be an exclusive event, given the world we live in. I am planning to hold both in person and virtual classes. We will of course keep all guidelines for safety and expect all students to be responsible during this duration. Your TT family connection will stay with you for the rest of your life, as this period will be a special time of connection learning and bonding.

Yoga is a lifelong learning process and I encourage you to never stop being a student. Knowledge will always keep you motivated, inspired and powerful.

We have awesome teachers that will help us build our foundation in their expertise, including Yoga anatomy with Mary Dana Abbott and Pre Natal-Yoga with Neelu Shruti. As you all know teaching is so important to me and being able to have this opportunity to share and spread the knowledge and tools to teach, is always an honor. Whether you choose to teach or not after this is your decision, but the knowledge, foundation, skill and confidence is the solid ground upon which to build. During this intense time, you will get to know who you are in a new light and I can’t wait to share this time with you all.

What to expect from this Yoga Teacher Training:

Practical, written and performance exams are required at certain marks of the program. Development of short and full sequences, completion of anatomy homework and other course material assignments will also occur throughout the program.

To receive a teaching certificate for Inner Power Flow Vinyasa, attendance is mandatory along with full completion of all course materials, and a successful exam.

Course: We will meet most weeks Thursday – Sunday and some weeks Friday -Sunday.
Specific dates and times are below.
Thursday 6 PM - 9 PM
Friday 6 PM - 9 PM
Saturday/Sunday 9am-5PM  (lunch break12-1PM)

Jan14th Thursday – Sunday Weekend
Jan 28th Thursday – Sunday Weekend
Feb 19th Thursday-Sunday Weekend
March 12th  Thursday – Sunday Weekend
March 25th Thursday – Sunday Weekend

EXAM and final weekend

In addition to the dates and times above, it is required to take a minimum of 3 Inner Power Flow classes weekly during TT, in order to meet the number of required hours for certification.

Constantly Evolving Inner Space and other studios as capacity allows

$2800 (not included are books, mat, props and classes outside of the TT schedule when required)

TT will be held live virtually or in person either in NYC or Inner Space Studio in New Jersey.
Unlimited classes at Inner Space are included during the time of TT Jan 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021
Pre and intermittent Covid testing will  be required depending on State and Federal Guidelines.
Discount to February/March retreat 2020 (pay board and room only, if confirmed)
$300 nonrefundable or transferable deposit is required to guarantee spot. Payment plan is available.

Please email me for any questions
I look forward to working with you

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